Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Always Something

I am a huge Gilda Radner fan. I’ve loved her ever since I was little and happened to see her on television while flipping through the channels. It was an SNL sketch where’s she’s a little girl and she leaps up into a wall as hard as she can. I thought (and still think) that was so funny. Not only was she hilarious, but she was married to Gene Wilder - another one of my favorite people.

While I knew she had had cancer, when I picked up her book, It’s Always Something, I did not expect it to be about that. I don’t know why. I thought it would be how she described her wanting the book in the beginning - about marriage and owning a home and funny little stories about all those things. It was not, because she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

I listened to this book in my car, Gilda reading it from my tape player, and I cried so much. Her story is so emotional. She wrote her story in a fantastic way. I felt her pain. I felt her happiness. It made me think of people I know who have had cancer in a different way. I’m prouder of them, even more inspired by them.
I would highly recommend this book. It goes through many details of treatments and how she felt, so those who are easily affected by these types of details should be cautioned. As I said, I cried about every five seconds.

It was an amazing book, and I think it’s better if you listen to Gilda read it.

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